Professional service

Appointed and elected offices held at Haverford College

Associate Provost, appointed by the provost.2004-05
Chair of the Department of Mathematics, appointed by the provost.Spring 2004
Chair of the Department of Mathematics, appointed by the provost.1998-00
Chair of the Department of Mathematics, appointed by the provost.1995-96
Representative to the Board of Managers on Academic Council,
elected by the faculty. Academic Council advises the president on matters of
concern to the faculty, especially reappointment, tenure and promotion cases.

Appointed and elected offices held in professional societies

Member-at-Large of the Executive Committee of the AWM,
elected by the membership of the Association for Women in Mathematics.
Member of the Executive Committee of MAA’s EPADEL section,
elected by members of the Mathematical Association of America who work
in eastern Pennsylvania and Delaware.
SIAM representative to the AMS-ASA-IMS-MAA-NCTM-SIAM
Joint Committee on Women in Mathematical Sciences
appointed by the president of SIAM.

Mathematics programs evaluated

Advised the College Board and Educational Testing Service on the
expansion of test content and revision of calculator policy as a member of
the SAT I Mathematics Development Committee.
Evaluated mathematics departments at Pomona College, Mills College,
and DePauw University as a member of their visiting committees.
1993, 1996, 2002
Advised president of the Institute for Defense Analyses on mathematical
contributions of the Centers for Communications Research as a member
of his FOCUS committee.

Invited sessions organized for the Center for Communications Research, Math Sciences Research Institute, American Math Society & Society for Industrial and Applied Math

CCR conference in honor of David Robbins on Alternating Sign Matrices,
organized with Clara Chan.
Center for Communications Research, Princeton, NJ.
June 2003
MSRI workshop Enumeration and partially ordered sets, organized
with Ira Gessel, Rodica Simion (chair) and Michelle Wachs.
Mathematical Sciences Research Institute, Berkeley, CA.
October 1996
AMS special session Algebraic combinatorics of posets and tableaux,
organized with Curtis Greene, an hour speaker at the meeting.
Southeastern Section Meeting, Greensboro, North Carolina.
November 1995
Minisymposium Algebraic combinatorics, organized with Curtis Greene.
SIAM Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, PA.
July 1993
Minisymposium Algebraic combinatorics: A bridge to pure mathematics.
Sixth SIAM Conference on Discrete Mathematics, Vancouver, BC.
June 1992
Minisymposium Combinatorics meets (and joins) algebra and topology.
Second International Conference on Industrial and Applied Mathematics,
Washington, DC.
July 1991