Background and Experience


Ph. D. in Mathematics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology1986
B. A. in Mathematics, The University of Chicago1981

Academic positions

Professor of Mathematics, Haverford College1996-
Research Professor, Mathematical Sciences Research Institute1996-97
Associate Professor of Mathematics, Haverford College1991-96
Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Princeton University1988-93
Postdoctoral Fellow, Institute for Mathematics and Its Applications1987-88
Instructor in Mathematics, Princeton University1986-87

Invited talks at regional, national and international meetings

AMS special session on the many lives of lattice theory and the
theory of ordered sets with connections to combinatorics.
Joint Mathematics Meetings, San Diego, California.
January 2002
Classical combinatorics, a conference in honor of Dominique Foata
Temple University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
July 2000
AMS special session on algebraic combinatorics.
Southeastern Section Meeting, Louisville, Kentucky.
March 1998
Special session on finite groups and representation theory.
Joint Meeting of the AMS, London Mathematical Society and
South African Mathematical Society, Pretoria, South Africa.
June 1997
MSRI workshop on enumeration and partially ordered sets.
Mathematical Sciences Research Institute, Berkeley, California.
October 1996
MSRI joint introductory workshop on combinatorics
and low-dimensional topology. (Download Lynne’s colorful slides.)
Mathematical Sciences Research Institute, Berkeley, California.
August 1996
AMS special session on identities and enumeration.
Southeastern Section Meeting, Richmond, Virginia.
November 1994
AMS special session on q-series, at the Minneapolis Mathfest.
Summer Meeting, Minneapolis, Minnesota.
August 1994
Jerusalem Combinatorics 1993.
Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
May 1993
AMS special session on algebraic combinatorics.
Southeastern Section Meeting, Knoxville, Tennessee.
March 1993
Workshop on combinatorics and discrete geometry.
Mathematical Sciences Institute, Cornell University.
July 1991
AMS special session on simplicial complexes associated to
finite groups and their representations.
Central Section Meeting, South Bend, Indiana.
March 1991
Symposium for the 20th anniversary of the Association of Women
in Mathematics featuring ten women within a decade of their Ph. D.
Joint Mathematics Meetings, San Francisco, California.
January 1991
International conference on commutative algebra and combinatorics.
Satellite conference of the International Congress of Mathematicians.
Nagoya, Japan.
August 1990
Capital city conference on combinatorics & theoretical computer science.
The George Washington University.
May 1989
AMS special session on algebraic combinatorics.
Central Section Meeting, East Lansing, Michigan.
March 1988
AMS special session on combinatorics and group representations.
Joint Mathematics Meetings, San Antonio, Texas.
January 1987